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General requirements

The publisher has to name a permanent contact to whom the libraries or library network head offices can turn if they have questions about metadata deliveries.

Metadata must be supplied by the publisher/distributor for all titles in an e-book package. This metadata must be provided at no additional cost and may be edited, corrected, processed and passed on to partner institutions by the libraries or library network head offices.

The data shall be delivered at the latest at the time of provision/activation of the purchased or licensed full texts. The delivered data should at least reflect the scope of the license. Each data set contains at least the mandatory elements described under "Metadata elements". Subsequent deliveries for newly added titles and editions are provided via the usual channels, preferably as a separate data delivery.

Changes or corrections to the metadata on the publisher's side are delivered as additional separate update files if possible. Updated records must be supplied with the same identification number as previously (see LINK data record identification number element).

If titles are deleted from the platform, i.e. if they are generally no longer accessible, they are delivered as separate deletion deliveries. If this is not possible, the data provider and the library/library network head office will agree bilaterally how this information is to be transmitted.

If titles are removed from individual packages or moved to another package but are still available on the platform, this information must also be delivered. The manner of delivery may be agreed on bilaterally.